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XJCC Investment Co., Ltd. is a professional investment company focusing on the developments of German real estate market, as well as industrial, equity and financial investments.

The company is committed to bridging Chinese and European markets and is headquartered in the vicinity of Frankfurt am Main.

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Current project in Bad Vilbel "Dortelweil-West"

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Bring Europe's quality real estate, research and tourism projects to individuals and investment institutions to enrich your investment options. Whether investing in real estate, investing in the future or investing in physical and mental health, we will serve you with patience and attentiveness.

Real Estate

Bad Vilbel is a town of springs, where the spring water is very effective in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic diseases.

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Business platform

We will establish a cooperation and communication platform for you in all aspects, enter German companies, familiarize yourself with the operating mode ...

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Bring your body, mind and soul to the German countryside. No matter you are studying or taking a vacation, this is the best place to explore for your heart.

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Germany realizes your unlimited investment potential with its excellent education level, solid economic foundation, stable investment environment, mature legal system and superior natural environment. We provide you with all the best possible projects.

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