Business platform

Market development

We rely on our wide range of Chinese and foreign resources to achieve business connectivity for you. Facing the different docking needs of different types of companies, we create a variety of docking solutions for you. Whether you want to cooperate with German companies in technology, purchase goods or recruit talents, even business exchanges, you can find matching German companies or talents based on your expectations and requirements.



From market research to feasibility analysis, from project development to post-management, through our publicity and promotion, you will enter the German market. We will study the basis for your entry into the European market, explore the possibility of expanding your trade area, and formulate targeted company development strategies. Finding and tapping high-quality business projects to help potential partners and existing partners seize new business opportunities.


Business trip

Understand the industry’s latest technology, optimize itself and strengthen its market position.

Germany is world-famous for its advanced manufacturing and technological innovation. Chinese companies can optimize themselves through technical inspections of German companies and enter the European market. We will contact you with leading companies in the industry, plan and organize your visits and activities, book hotels and transportation services (aircraft, buses, etc.) and provide professional interpreters and assistants. Arrange business negotiations with potential partners and organize inspections of factories and office space.


Exhibition market

Companies participate in the exhibition, understand the development trend of the industry, find potential partners, and expand the global market for you.

Before the exhibition, we will effectively promote quality products, increase company exposure, and quickly and easily invite customers to the exhibition site to visit and purchase. We will build an excellent booth for you with excellent visual marketing strategies from the initial publicity to combine creativity and communication skills, to provide an unforgettable experience for visitors to your booth. Gather information from buyers and viewers and follow up after the show to establish a long-term, stable relationship to ensure your participation.